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For the current legal systems in the Western World, and for the mainstream media anyway, doing physical harm to men, or killing them, is peanuts. A woman who kills her sexual partner always gets full sympathy. Never mind what kind of bitch she is.


The Science Of Your Vagina: Why Women Don’t Get ‘Looser’ After Sex


Ladies, ladies, ladies, listen up! You know what? Gentlemen! You listen up, too. We need to talk about something. I'll give you a hint: It rhymes with smaginas.

Vaginas. More specifically, we need to talk about loose vaginas. Or rather, the lack of looseness you all seem to be unaware of — the complete misconception that once a vag is stretched, it is stretched forever. Get your heads out of the dark ages!

So, it would appear there is ample confusion surrounding the idea of “loose” and “tight” women. So many wrong ideas. So. Many.

There are four main old wives' tales about the mysterious vagina, a flurry of myths far too many people believe as far as the whole tight/loose debate goes. They are the following:

1. A virgin's vagina is extremely tight.

2. If you lose your virginity, your vagina is going to be permanently loosened.

3. Having a lot of sex will make it super loose.

4. Having a baby makes having sex with your vagina the equivalent of throwing a pastor into a cathedral.

Apart from these myths and inconsistencies running rampant among the misinformed, there’s a bunch of other fallacies and misconceptions that go along with common vagina knowledge.

What is it about the vagina that makes it an elusive enigma trapped under the heavy cloak of socially-acceptable darkness? Why all the mystery? Why all the lies?

I'm over it. It's time to get educated. Without further adieu, let's get all of those pesky questions out of the way so you can know all there is to know about your lady organs. Party on.

Let's talk about the straight up anatomy involved with the vagina for a hot second

As Psychology Today suggests (and because I can't think of anything of an equal or less grotesque nature), when visualizing how the vagina works, picture the following:

Imagine a hand towel stuffed inside a thick sock squeezed by two hands. The sock is the vagina. The towel is the folded muscle tissue of the vaginal wall. And the hands are the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina.

That taut muscle tissue is very elastic, like a rubber band, and like a rubber band, when you stretch it out and let it snap, it will go right back to its original form.

The vagina is no different. It acts the same as the rubber band: when it is penetrated, it is temporarily stretched out and then returns to its normal state.

That means just because you've gotten a lot of man- (or dildo, vibrator — really whatever you're into) action doesn't mean you're going to mess up your vintage vag. Sexually adventurous ladies, rejoice!

Did I just blow your mind?

So, what happens when you're horny, baby?

Unlike your man, whose penis becomes erect like a soldier ready for battle when he's ready to get it on, the vaginal muscles relax when it's time to do the dirty.

Of course, when you think about it, this makes perfect sense because we, biologically, want to make it as simple as possible for an erection to enter us, you know, for baby making. (Yeah, I go into a cold sweat when I think about getting pregnant, too, you're not alone.)

BUT, listen closely, my pets, that does not mean your honey pot is going to be looser. It just means the muscles are relaxed to allow for sex to take place.

Remember that tight sock between two hands we talked about earlier? When your muffin is ready for the stuffin', the vagina becomes like a loosely-held sock. Get me?

What else happens? As Kinsey notes, the vagina also becomes naturally lubricated upon arousal, permitting easy penetration.

This happens because of the increased blood flow to your lady bits. So, you literally do become a little “hot and bothered.”

Can your Gyno tell how many people you've had sex with?

According to Dr. Rebecc a Brightman, private OBGYN and Assistant Clinical Professor of OBGYN at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Dr. Dan Nayot, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist at TCART Fertility Partners, your gyno definitely cannot tell how many partners you've had sex with.

So, stop your worrying every time you stick your feet in those metal stirrups, lady.

Pregnancy, babies and the truth about your ability to bounce back (in the sack)

Having a baby is a pretty scary thing, anatomically, if you think about it for a minute. You're pushing a 7-10 pound creature out of your vagina.

It's not like any penis you’ve experienced is that big. (And if it was, well, that's another conversation you'll need to have on another day.) So, it's easy to think that giving birth would do a number on your vagina.

But, as it turns out, whatever stretching is involved will go unnoticed by your husband or baby daddy and it will return to normal within about six months.

As Dr. Brightman puts it:

Vaginal walls may be more lax after a pregnancy, particularly after a vaginal birth, but many partners won't be able to notice. If you give birth to a monster baby, you know, one that has one of those “how is that a newborn?!” heads — tighten yourself up a bit faster by doing Kegel exercises.

According to The Baby Center, regular Kegels don't just help restore your downstairs strength, but also strength in the anus and the urethra.

How to do Kegels: Simply take a page out of Samantha Jones' book and tighten and release your vagina for two minutes a day, three times a day.

What about pregnancy later in life?

As I've pointed out, the elasticity of the vagina can be equated to that of an elastic band.

Like an elastic band, pulled and snapped over and over for a long period of time, when you stretch a vagina, eventually it will lose some of its ability to bounce back with same strength as it did, say, in your early twenties.

So, there may be something said for choosing not to delay starting your family until your 30s or 40s. According to Psychology Today:

Many women delay childbearing until after 30, and some have children after 40. Combine the rigors of older childbearing with the effects of aging on the vaginal muscles, and many women complain of looseness.

Women who give birth after around 30 may notice persistent looseness after delivering only one child.

Again, the best remedy for this would be performing Kegel exercises.

It's important to note, however, that Kegels do not strengthen the vaginal muscles themselves (the sock inside the hands from our previous metaphor), but rather the pelvic floor (the hands that hold the sock).

This means your vagina itself is not getting tighter, it just feels tighter. It’s all the same though, right?

Using “looseness” as an excuse to skip your wax is just that, an excuse

A friend recently told me she forgoes waxing because she's afraid it will make her vagina less tight. This, my friends, is a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support this.

If you're skipping your regular waxing appointments because of some ridiculous fear your lady parts will suffer permanent expansion, you're just kidding yourself.

With that being said, waxing does hurt like a motherf*cker, so don't feel bad for ditching it because we all know it's completely miserable.

Own the fact that you refuse to put yourself through torture at astronomical prices — that's just reasonable.

Fun fact for the worriers: Anxiety can make you tighter

Anxiety makes the vaginal muscles contract even tighter. As Psychology Today points out, this is why young girls have issues with tampons and masturbation.

There's a certain amount of palpable guilt when it comes to self-exploration and inserting a tampon when you've never had anything up your lady hole before; it can be downright terrifying.

Ugh, currently having flashbacks to my parents’ downstairs guest bathroom when I decided I should get my sh*t together and stop using pads at the ripe age of 12.


Medical records released. Stalin had a micropenis.


Imagery of brutal deaths are in itself anti-feminist. Because most women are natural cowards. And most feminism is just whimsical.


I Had Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery To Get My "Teenage" Vagina Back

A woman describes her "teenage vagina," which she got through vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

I just recently picked up a new vagina. It's brand new, shiny, and never been tested by man. You think I'm kidding, but its true: One week ago today, along with other repair surgeries, I had a vaginal reconstruction. I'm 37, but in more ways than one I feel like a new woman, a virtual born-again virgin.

First, I will establish for you that I did not do this "vaginal rejuvenation" as a cosmetic option. I'm not a celebrity millionaire and if I had money to fix an area, there are many other baggy organs urgently pushing themselves to the top of my surgical waiting list. My injuries were due to an emergency forceps birth, which caused significant muscle damage eight years ago. So, the need to be rebuilt, along with receiving a supportive bladder sling apparatus, was of medical necessity.

My bladder now has a small nylon hammock (L.L. Bean, Cape Cod stripe, I imagine) that helps it from leaking during sneezes, coughs, and movies starring Steve Carrell. Does this device work? I don't know yet. After a week post op, I feel as though I went from peeing like a 90-year-old woman, to peeing like a 90-year-old man: it takes a good 15 minutes of dribbling to empty this new bladder. I'm hoping soon for a happy medium.

Moving on to the vagina; my surgeon repaired and tightened the damaged muscle tissue.

As Borat would say, she removed the "sleeve of wizard." I'm selling it on Craigslist if anyone is interested. Now, the reason I was able to wait this long for the surgery is that sex was not effected tremendously by my injuries; my spouse claimed that he did not notice the problem (what a nice man), and although I noticed a definite lack of sensation, I also hit my sexual peak during these past few years where I'm more easily aroused, so I felt satisfied.

My problem areas were things like Yoga classes, where in candlestick position my hoo-hoo would bellow and squeak, and the instructor would state, "whomever is playing the blue whale CD, could we please just listen to my Tibetan bowls instead." Also, I could eject a tampon 10 feet during a sneeze, a skill only useful in Dutch porn movies. Although these were isolated incidents, I was self-conscious at these times and no amount of Kegels would free me from the social pain of having queef-itis. Support groups, although loud and disruptive, offered some relief.

So now I'm on the mend, with a teenage-sized vagina.

My husband has been such a doll since I've been home; cooking, vacuuming, cleaning and dressing the kids, taking them to and from school, buying me chocolates and cheerleader costumes... how sweet. My sister replied to this, "Well, how many husbands get two vaginas out of the same old wife?" As far as how this new organ is going to work in six weeks, when all restrictions are lifted, who knows? The way things are at present, no man's apparatus, even of the Fisher Price variety, could ever fit down there. Still, I'll try to write a follow up report when it happens. That is, if my husband and I ever leave the bedroom again!


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UAE has strict rules against prostitution

Khaleej Times

Reacting to media reports about a Russian hooker in Dubai earning thousands of dollars working as a prostitute, the Dubai Police have confirmed that prostitution and adultery are illegal and punishable crimes, and that sex workers will be brought to justice and deported if caught by police.

Must read: Man, woman on trial in UAE for trafficking, running brothel

The Sun newspaper reported, recently, that the woman makes about Dh500,000 a year. According to the newspaper, the woman who has been working in prostitution for the last eight years, deals with about five customers per day. However, it is not clear if she has spent all the eight years in the UAE.

Shocking: Asian man sells Dubai maid into prostitution for Dh4,000

The Sun reported that the 25-year-old Russian recently featured in a high court case where she was said to have been paid by an investment banking company to befriend a Libyan contact. She is said to have taken the client to a hotel in Dubai.

Unbelievable:Two Sharjah men force wives into prostitution for expenses

According to The Sun, the woman used to advertise as: "I have sexy shapes and great appetite for naughty games."

Commenting on the report, a police official said that the Dubai Police will not turn a blind-eye to such behaviour and that there are strict laws banning women from even wearing indecent cloths or committing any kind of immoral activities.

Crime: 3 men steal money from prostitute, court hears

He clarified that such odd incidents happen in every country and that such activities are against the UAE's tradition and culture.

He added that the Dubai Police conduct raids on a daily basis and arrest all those involved in prostitution. They are then brought to justice and deported.

The police also blocks websites with indecent photographs of women and interact with such kind of women in order to trap them after getting necessary permission from legal authorities.

The official called up on the public to inform the police if they came across any such advertisements or illegal activities.


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What’s The Real Story Behind Japans Used Underwear Vending Machines?

Xpat Nation

Published by Peter Van Buren February 5, 2015 9:22 am

Is Japan The Epicenter Of Odd Sexual Perversions?

Ah, Japan. Once known to Americans only for cheap transistor radios, then the amazing first-gen Walkman, and, of late, luxury Toyota’s, Japan is now the epicenter of anime and, to some people’s minds, odd sexual perversions.

Among the most persistent myths of the width and breadth of Japan’s sexual perversions is this one: visitors have claimed you could buy used schoolgirls’ panties from public vending machines, though few admit to having seen such a thing themselves. The typical story involves a friend, or the guy next to the guy in the bunk across the hall in the hostel, who had seen such a vending machine in the wild. But do they really exist?

It seems at least possible. Japanese vending machines are amazing things. Known somewhat uncreatively just as jidohanbaiki (automatic selling machines), they are in fact a wonderland of products. In addition to nearly every soft drink known on planet earth, you can also buy canned coffee, hot or cold, whole meals, crepes, fresh flowers, beer, and whiskey.

You can purchase socks and a necktie, deodorant and shaving tackle, 24/7, at a vending machine. And there a lot of chances to buy. The country has the highest ratio of vending machines to landmass in the entire world, for a total of some 5.52 million machines. Japan’s low crime rate means they are rarely vandalized.

But What About Those Used Schoolgirl Panties?

It is not a question to be dismissed lightly. Japanese men are schoolgirl crazy, some weird mix of pedophilia, youth culture and perhaps repressed desires left over from youth. Since apparently normal sex is no longer functioning well in Japan (the falling birth rate terrifies economists), most of this gets expressed through the near-infinite range of fetishes in Japan. Panties and, um, doing “stuff” with them, have a huge following.

In the 1980s, young women could make serious money selling their undies to a “men’s shop.” These were even scummier places than they sound like, often located under train tracks and in the alleys behind the back alleys. Dirty old men would roll in and make purchases. Some of the places had posted hours for the girls to sell and the men to buy so the two groups would not have to meet. Segregated shame.

The cops eventually shut all that down, finding it too gross even for Japan. Soon after, the myth that used panty selling had migrated to vending machines arose.

One intrepid journalist set out to answer the question once and for all. He reports that while you can indeed buy schoolgirl panties from a vending machine, they are not really “used.”

The journalist found that for about five U.S. dollars, you could purchase a pair of panties manufactured to appear used. While the Japanese text on the vending machine makes this clear enough, English words such as “used” are prominently featured to attract attention. Japanese customers instantly know the difference, while foreigners who can’t read the language return home with lurid but false tales.

Or are they?

While the vending machine stories fall into the dark corners of urban myth, there appears to be a thriving online trade in selling what are said to be legitimate used women’s underwear. Purported female sellers advertise exactly how long they wore an item, and often promise to include a photo of the exact item being worn.

Who can say if the goods are real or fake, but to the weird customers who buy these things, it probably doesn’t really matter.


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